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Power and Accountability Committee

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) wishes to appoint a co-opted member to join its Power and Accountability Committee from June 2020. The Committee is looking in particular for someone with experience of issues of democratic accountability and reform.

The Trust’s Power and Accountability programme is working towards a vision of a world in which power is more equally shared, and in which powerful institutions are more responsive and accountable to wider society and more aligned with the long-term public interest. The programme supports a variety of approaches with a focus on systemic change to improve corporate accountability, support democratic reform and encourage a responsible media. The programme funds work primarily in the UK, with a small number of grants for pan-EU work. The grants policy for the programme is available at:

The role of a co-opted member is to complement the trustees’ grant-making knowledge with knowledge and experience of democracy. Knowledge of the policy landscape and current challenges and opportunities is important, as is an awareness of key organisations working in the field.

The committee usually meets three times per year, typically in February, June and October. The meetings are currently held in London from 11.00 until 15:30.

The main work of the committee is assessing grant applications. Co-opted members are fully involved in this process.

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The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 17 January. All applications will be acknowledged. If we are interested in appointing you, we will arrange a meeting to discuss this further.


Invitation to tender

An options appraisal for piloting  a JRCT Movement Building Fund

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) has a long history of supporting work to tackle the root causes of conflict and injustice. The Trust has traditionally emphasised work aimed at influencing policy and legislation, believing it to be the most effective route to structural change. The Trust has supported a limited amount of grassroots organising or direct movement building.

A shifting political context has seen setbacks across much of Europe for progressive causes. Against this backdrop, the Trust decided to learn about social movements. In particular, the Trust was interested to learn whether movements and movement building might offer something distinct to our model of affecting social change. Please see a summary report from a previous learning intiative.

Our conclusion was that social movements are an important and largely missing element within our funding of social change. The Trust recognises that policy and legislative advocacy on its own is not enough to achieve the transformation that JRCT strives for, and that movements are often critical in shifting the public debate.

A social movement approach fits with our interest in tackling the root causes of conflict and injustice and offers a vehicle to shift power relations in society. It also connects with our ambition to broaden our geographical reach. The Trust has begun to embed learning about movements within each of its grant programmes and now wishes to pilot a support fund for movements.

 The purpose of this consultancy project is todevelop and appraise a set of options for a pilot JRCT fund to test and evaluate an approach to support the work of movements in the UK.

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The closing date for receipt of applications is 12pm, Friday 24 January.