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JRCT is currently recruiting up to two voluntary co-optees to provide specialist expertise and guidance in relation to its Northern Ireland programme. Closing date is 3 September.

The application deadline for the Peace and Security and Power and Accountability programmes is 1 September.



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28 Aug, 10:02 RT @nickjrct: The 2014 #sexandpower report is published today: @CountingWomenIn

28 Aug, 09:05 MT @Celiajrct: Reminder: JRCT is recruiting experts for its Northern Ireland grant-making committee. Deadline 3 Sept:

27 Aug, 14:02 On our website there is much more about who we fund: see our case studies

18 Aug, 16:10 RT @nickjrct: Money can't buy you peace. Implications for #philanthropy in contested societies @Celiajrct

31 Jul, 18:05 Owing to staff hols we won't be tweeting again until 18 August. If you have any queries please just give us a call at the office

30 Jul, 13:11 We are recruiting 2 co-optees to provide specialist input on our work in Northern Ireland - see for more info

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