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See our April Update for news from the Trust and recent grants.

Letter of support for JRCT (11 March).

JRCT's response to Charity Commission statement (6 March).

Statement on JRCT's funding of Cage (27 February).




Latest Tweets from @jrctinfo

20 Apr, 09:12 MT @MaureenAjrct: Podcast: when people move. Understanding how climate change creates the movement of people @ukccmc

15 Apr, 09:20 RT @michaelJRCT: Migrants at the heart of the debate in the new paper from @MigrantVoiceUK

10 Apr, 11:02 MT @nickjrct: Institutional investors line up to support @BP_plc climate risk/ openness resolution @ShareActionUK

24 Mar, 10:09 The application deadline for our Peace & Security, Power & Accountability, Rights & Justice and Sustainable Future programmes is 13 April

11 Mar, 06:05 Thank you to everyone who has signed a letter of support for JRCT

6 Mar, 18:42 JRCT will not fund Cage in the future

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