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Invitation to tender: We are seeking a consultant to undertake a gender audit. Closing date is 9 January.


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18 Dec, 09:27 MT @Celiajrct:Floating arsenals: latest in militarisation of oceans. Well done @Omega_RF @RemoteCtrl for highlighting

16 Dec, 13:09 RT @nickjrct: The @HighPayCentre's year: evidence base that high pay is unfair, unpopular, ineffective and ongoing.

15 Dec, 13:59 RT @michaelJRCT: Election guide for Gypsies, Travellers & Roma from @itmtrav

15 Dec, 10:50 RT @michaelJRCT: Came across this on @libertyhq website & loved it: What's my freedom without yours?

15 Dec, 10:45 RT @MaureenAjrct: JUST West Yorkshire Racial Justice Bulletin 11 December 2014:

9 Dec, 10:22 MT @Celiajrct: Happy 10th b'day to @Transparency_ie - celebrating with launch of new Speak Up guide + video for whistleblowers later today

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