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See our application deadlines for forthcoming funding rounds.

See our July Update for news from the Trust and recent grants.

JRCT gives evidence in High Court today (23 July).

Letter of support for JRCT (11 March).

JRCT's response to Charity Commission statement (6 March).



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30 Sep, 14:36 RT @nickjrct: Fossil fuel free future flourishing... & today @PlatformLondon @divestinvestorg

28 Sep, 10:21 MT @nickjrct: Data Protection, FoI, openness & privacy, transparency, and the right to be forgotten @threat2openness

23 Sep, 14:07 RT @nickjrct: Impressive coalition of media and civil society organisations speak up for freedom of information

22 Sep, 16:53 (Retweet) @jrctinfo is seeking a consultant to evaluate its nuclear disarmament funding. Deadline: this Friday 25th September

21 Sep, 09:08 Still time to apply - seeking a grant cttee member w expertise in scrutiny of counter-terrorism. Deadline 25 Sept

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